Made to Flatter

Putting Made to Flatter
to the Ultimate Test!

By OneStopPlus Design Team

It’s no secret that plus-size women have a much harder time than their straight-size friends shopping for clothes online. With a lack of universal sizing and body shapes that fall outside fashion industry norms, technology has not been a one-size-fits-all solution for plus-size women. Until now.

Recently, we put Made to Flatter, our new personalized styling tool, to the ultimate test, treating four deserving curvy women to their first-ever head-to-toe makeovers with veteran plus-size designer Zahir Babvani. 

He taught our Fab Four how to embrace their curves and transform their online shopping experiences from fail to fab forevermore. His secret? Balancing their unique proportions. It’s that simple, if you follow Zahir’s fail-proof Made to Flatter approach.

Zahir Babvani, Head of Design, with the four curvy women he helped style. Zahir Babvani, Head of Design, with the four curvy women he helped style.

Meet Zahir and the Fab Four! (L to R):

Dimaris, an army veteran trading in her uniform for styles that reveal her feminine side for the first time in years; Wilma, a COVID healthcare worker ready to shed her pandemic second skin for styles that will make her shine, inside and out; Zahir, the plus-size designer behind Made to Flatter and the Fab Four’s makeovers; Glenda, a daughter who sacrificed everything to help her elderly father through the pandemic and is now ready for a little fashion TLC, and Anna, a young DEI business consultant and self-proclaimed “fattie” looking for a polished new look.

For their Makeover grand finale group shot, Zahir styled the women in the color of the season, Dark Berry. Follow their individual journeys to learn what this designer makeover opportunity meant to them and how Zahir’s Made to Flatter method helped them find fashions that fit and flatter their respective body shapes—Curvy on the Bottom, Curvy in the Middle, Evenly Balanced and Defined Waist.

Curvy in the Middle. Curvy in the Middle

Meet Dimaris

Dimaris is Curvy in the Middle, one of the most common plus-size body shapes. When your midsection is fuller than your hips and bust, it’s all about creating visual importance throughout your entire shape for a balanced silhouette. The cropped leather jacket brings focus to the top of her torso and gives great waist shape, while the A-line dress flows harmoniously over her curves. The result? A confident look that will carry Dimaris through her transition from Army Vet to her new career as a Travel Consultant!

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Evenly Balanced Evenly Balanced

Meet Wilma

Wilma’s shape is Evenly Balanced – her bust, waist and hips are relatively even – so Zahir styled her in a floral blouse and neutral leggings, with a fit-and-flare trench coat featuring a belted design. The belt provides waist definition and creates a fabulous hourglass shape. From day to night, and everywhere in between, this look helps revamp Wilma’s fall wardrobe with feminine flair.

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Defined Waist Defined Waist

Meet Glenda

Did you know 80% of women misidentify their body shape? Glenda always thought Curvy On The Bottom accurately described her figure, and was surprised to learn she has a Defined Waist body shape. When it comes to hourglass silhouettes, it’s all about enhancing your waist definition. For Glenda, an alluring peplum lace jacket creates shape and a little drama when paired with no-gap dark skinny jeans. A gold belt accentuates her beautiful waist, for a versatile Classic meets Bold ensemble.

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Curvy on the Bottom Curvy on the Bottom

Meet Anna

Anna is a classic Curvy On The Bottom body shape – the most-common plus-size shape – with hips that are fuller than her bust or waist. Styling this silhouette is about visually balancing the top half of the body with the lower part of your shape. Easy yet elevated, this figure-loving maxi dress flows naturally over her shape while a denim jacket accentuates her waist and finishes the look. This is a go-to style that Anna will reach for again and again.

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